Be a more productive team, get more done, and collaborate more effectively.

Use Projecturf to manage tasks, collaborate and communicate with distributed teams, and share files. Companies and Enterprises who use Projecturf see a dramatic increase in productivity!

Project Management


Tasks & To Do's

Calendars & Events

Time Tracking

File Sharing

Run your team like a pro!

Powerful business tools

Projecturf will increase your productivity, allow you to collaborate more efficiently, and help you run your team like a well-oiled machine.

Distraction-free interface

Our distraction-free, beautiful interface makes using Projecturf both fun and highly productive.

Projecturf enteprise project management

Teams worldwide use Projecturf to increase productivity by 50%, saving thousands of dollars and man hours each year!

Projecturf offers amazingly useful features so you can get more done. From small business to large enterprises, teams are using the features in Projecturf to increase productivity and save time.


Create projects to manage teams, collaborate, share files, and stay on task.

Sub tasks

Work more efficiently by adding sub tasks to main tasks (or milestones).

Share & collaborate

Work together as a team, share files and work, and collaborate using our platform.


Powerful up-to-the-minute reporting on where projects stand, latest activity, and who's accomplished what. Custom reporting available for Enterprise.


Use Projecturf to manage teams. Both internal and distributed teams work more efficiently.


In app real-time notifications and powerful email alerts make sure you are always up-to-speed.


Use comments in Projecturf to discuss important tasks, files, and more.

Activity feeds

The activity feed shows you what's happened on every project from the get-go so you always have a complete record.

Global views

See all your projects in one place with a global view of tasks, events, conversations, and notes.


Conversations work like email, except way more effective, powerful, and always organized in projects.


Use the calendar to schedule events and subscribe to our Cloud calendar via iCal or Outlook.

Track time

Track time by project using our time and expense tracking. You can also use our built-in timer.

Share files

Quickly and easily share files with your project teams. Get digital approvals right inside Projecturf!

Collaborative notes

Use our notepad with your team to jot down ideas and notes from meetings.


Create and manage lists for task status, project status, and calendar events.

Praised by the media

“Extremely well-designed…there’s ridiculously easy navigation, coherent layout of tasks, and full customization.”


“Unlike their clunky competitor Basecamp, Projecturf delivers a clean interface and easy organization.”


“Projecturf just might be the perfect productivity app for your team.”


Managing projects in all major industries

Projecturf is used in almost every major industry — by large companies, small teams, and individual freelancers.


Photographers, Event Planners, Journalists

Creative Services

Web Designers, Agencies, Marketers


Professional services, B2B, B2C, Large Enterprises


Lawyers, Legal Services


Non-profits, Government Agencies, Hospitals


Schools, Universities, Higher Education


Entertainment Companies, Video, Music, Production


Developers, Tech Companies, Start Ups

Trusted by companies and large teams worldwide

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