Cloud-Based Task Collaboration & Productivity Suite

Projecturf is used by thousands of companies worldwide to manage projects, collaborate with people, share files, complete tasks, and get stuff done.

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Work faster and smarter.

Work and collaborate.

Projecturf helps you manage projects, people, and tasks. It's the one app that will organize and keep all project data in one place. You can work effectively with instant email notifications and the built-in collaboration features on your projects and tasks. Your nav panel will keep all your projects easily accessible.

  1. My Stuff for personal things
  2. Projects always available at all times
  3. Instant collaboration
  4. Complete projects on-time and on-budget

Get things done quickly.

Speed is important and Projecturf has been designed to allow you to enter tons of data instantly. There are no complicated forms to fill out. Simply get your tasks out of your head as quick as possible and manage the details later. Even though Projecturf is tremendously powerful and holds tons of data, getting stuff into your app is totally easy. This let's you stay focused on the important things, like getting things done.

  1. Quick entry (get things recorded instantly)
  2. Multiple workspaces with one login
  3. Reduce your reliance on email
  4. See what's upcoming, late, and due today

Get notified instantly.

When you and your teams are working, it's important to get notified about stuff that pertains to you. That's why we've spent a while on notifications. They appear instantly when you're inside the app and are also logged in your Dashboard for reference. When you're not logged in, you get instant email notifications to keep you in the loop. Finally, a productivity app that works how you work.

  1. Real-time notifications
  2. Activity feeds
  3. Instant email notifications
  4. Stay plugged-in at all times

Work faster and smarter.

Inline commenting

Commenting is inline and instantaneous. You can collaborate using comments on just about anything. The new comment notifications will keep you plugged in at all times.

The sidebar

View tasks, tickets, and conversations without the clutter. The sidebar holds all the important details such as assignees, notes, and attachments, while the main screen is streamlined and effective.

Dropbox & Google

Share files hosted with Dropbox & Google Drive by connecting to your account within Projecturf. View images inline, add comments to files, and upload new versions.

My Stuff

View everything on your plate in one place. This includes your tasks and events, all your contacts and notes, and even your personal stuff. Let Projecturf do the organizing and planning for you.

Go mobile

Our mobile Web version allows you to manage projects on the go, on nearly any device. Our app feels and works like other mobile apps that you are familiar with.

Developers API

Coming Soon - Our API is finished and operational, and will be released very soon.

With tons of features...

  • Reports
  • Gantt Chart
  • Manage projects
  • Attachments
  • Subtasks
  • Search
  • Ticketing
  • Multiple uploads
  • Personal contacts
  • Print formats
  • Subfolders
  • Commenting
  • Flagging
  • Set colors
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Custom themes
  • Switch views
  • Email notifications
  • Track time
  • Notifications
  • Activity feeds
  • Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Unlimited users
  • File previews
  • Data Filtering
  • Light CRM