15 Oct

Video Testimonial: Feedback from a long-time Projecturf User

In this short video testimonial, Rob Ragusa explains how Digital Ink Technologies benefits from using Projecturf. Rob Ragusa is the Director of Technology and has been using Projecturf everyday for over 6 years. In this timespan, Rob has seen Projecturf evolve from a simple project management application...

20 Feb

Four Design Decisions That Can Kill Conversion

When you think about optimizing conversion rates, there’s several elements that come into play--driving enough traffic to a site or page to get statistical accuracy, the copy on the page, and of course, the design of the page. Whether you’re optimizing a landing page or...

20 Jan

Three Ways to Be a Better Manager in 2015

Have you set your resolutions for 2015 yet? Or maybe you have set them, and the new year shininess is already wearing off. Either way, if you wanted to improve your business management skills in 2015 but weren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find three places to start--with not just the why, but the how, for each one:
08 Jan

5 Ways for More Productive Meetings in 2015

We all know that meetings can be a big drain on productivity and in most cases take up way too much of our time. In fact, there are so many times that we get halfway through our day and realize that our task list hasn't only grown, but nothing has been checked off. And the culprit? You guessed it. This is due to sitting in an endless array of meetings day in and day out. Whether it's your boss, a client, another department, or you calling the meeting, there's likely a lot of wasted time and inefficiencies. This certainly holds true for a lot of routine meetings.