15 Oct

Video Testimonial: Feedback from a long-time Projecturf User

In this short video testimonial, Rob Ragusa explains how Digital Ink Technologies benefits from using Projecturf. Rob Ragusa is the Director of Technology and has been using Projecturf everyday for over 6 years. In this timespan, Rob has seen Projecturf evolve from a simple project management application...

03 Apr

Single Task View

When you are working on an important task or you want to share the task with someone, you can use the single task view.  This view is available as an option in the sidebar on every task and subtask. To access the single task view, click...

20 Feb

Four Design Decisions That Can Kill Conversion

When you think about optimizing conversion rates, there’s several elements that come into play--driving enough traffic to a site or page to get statistical accuracy, the copy on the page, and of course, the design of the page. Whether you’re optimizing a landing page or...

05 Feb

New Feature: Assign Project Groups with One Click

Adding people to projects just got a whole lot simpler. Instead of individually checking off names in the drop down, you can now use your groups from the My Contacts section to quickly add people to a project. To start using contact groups, go to your...

03 Jul

Faster Page Loading & Speed Enhancements

Last week, we rolled out a very large upgrade that primarily addresses the speed of Projecturf. I won't get into the nerdy details too much, but at a high level we moved from our dedicated server environment to a cloud-based one instead. We left our...

08 Mar

Familiar UI elements

As designers, the details of every aspect of an interface are critical. Even the smallest change can affect how people use your product or website, so sweating the small stuff, as they say, takes on a whole new meaning in UI design. To illustrate this...

17 Feb

Projecturf speed improvements

This year is already well underway and it's been a very busy and hectic time at Projecturf. There are a few big ticket items that we're concentrating on and that currently have the majority of our focus. I want to share which items these are...