09 Feb

Creating and Managing Lists

Use lists to create statuses for projects and tasks in Projecturf, and then filter using those statuses. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for tips, tricks, and tutorials...

12 Jan

Project Status Report

Getting progress updates on all your projects is never easy. That's why we just released an Overall Project Status report. Managing multiple projects, priorities, and resources takes lots of planning and communication. This new report gives you access to the information you need instantly and includes a high level...

13 Aug

Drag and Drop Files in Your Project Management App

If you are looking for convenience in a project management application, look no further than Projecturf. One of the things you're going to find useful is being able to get your information into Projecturf very quickly and then sort out all the details later. Projecturf is loaded with shortcuts...

03 Jun

Rolling Out the API and Our Commitment to It’s Success

The API has been at the top of our list for a while, but we've had several other changes to the app that were critical before releasing it. Changes to the UI were published a few weeks ago and dragging and dropping of tasks was a major update...

03 Apr

Single Task View

When you are working on an important task or you want to share the task with someone, you can use the single task view.  This view is available as an option in the sidebar on every task and subtask. To access the single task view, click...

05 Mar

Auto Save Your Conversations, Comments, & More

In order to make your life a bit easier, we just released auto save throughout Projecturf. When you are in one of the project sections and you start typing, your browser will save what you've typed if you leave and come back to it. This...

20 Feb

Four Design Decisions That Can Kill Conversion

When you think about optimizing conversion rates, there’s several elements that come into play--driving enough traffic to a site or page to get statistical accuracy, the copy on the page, and of course, the design of the page. Whether you’re optimizing a landing page or...