Productivity Tag

13 Sep

Task Completion Notification

We have released a new feature called our Task Completion Notification. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings of your Tasks page for each project. When turned on, it creates a popup screen that allows a user who just completed a...

12 Jan

Project Status Report

Getting progress updates on all your projects is never easy. That's why we just released an Overall Project Status report. Managing multiple projects, priorities, and resources takes lots of planning and communication. This new report gives you access to the information you need instantly and includes a high level...

15 Oct

Video Testimonial: Feedback from a long-time Projecturf User

In this short video testimonial, Rob Ragusa explains how Digital Ink Technologies benefits from using Projecturf. Rob Ragusa is the Director of Technology and has been using Projecturf everyday for over 6 years. In this timespan, Rob has seen Projecturf evolve from a simple project management application...

03 Jun

Rolling Out the API and Our Commitment to It’s Success

The API has been at the top of our list for a while, but we've had several other changes to the app that were critical before releasing it. Changes to the UI were published a few weeks ago and dragging and dropping of tasks was a major update...

03 Apr

Single Task View

When you are working on an important task or you want to share the task with someone, you can use the single task view.  This view is available as an option in the sidebar on every task and subtask. To access the single task view, click...

17 Mar

Drag and Drop Your Tasks!

We've been listening to your requests and the number one suggestion has officially arrived! You now have the ability to drag and drop your tasks in any order you like and in any of your projects. This makes it very easy to prioritize and organize...

05 Feb

New Feature: Assign Project Groups with One Click

Adding people to projects just got a whole lot simpler. Instead of individually checking off names in the drop down, you can now use your groups from the My Contacts section to quickly add people to a project. To start using contact groups, go to your...

08 Jan

5 Ways for More Productive Meetings in 2015

We all know that meetings can be a big drain on productivity and in most cases take up way too much of our time. In fact, there are so many times that we get halfway through our day and realize that our task list hasn't only grown, but nothing has been checked off. And the culprit? You guessed it. This is due to sitting in an endless array of meetings day in and day out. Whether it's your boss, a client, another department, or you calling the meeting, there's likely a lot of wasted time and inefficiencies. This certainly holds true for a lot of routine meetings.