Feature: File management and sharing

Projecturf makes it super simple to share project files with your team. Just drag and drop files from any location and hit send!



Projecturf is a full project management app for your team to manage projects from beginning to end. What does that mean exactly? Well you start by creating a project and adding team members to the project. As the project evolves, you’ll be assigning tasks and subtasks, communicating from one centralized location, calendaring events, tracking budgets and estimates, sharing files, collaborating on notes and documents, and much more. Therefore, we’ve broken out each of the critical project components into individual sections in each one of your projects. These sections can be hidden or restricted for specific users as you see fit. One of the most important sections you’ll be using a lot is Files, and Projecturf has a lot to offer as a file management software when using the Files Section in your project management tool.


Version Control

Keep track of all file changes using Projecturf’s version controls. Ensure everyone on the team is always working off of the latest version.


Robust Permissions

Control who has access to each file you share. With full access control settings on each file in your project management app, you can easily grant, remove, or update access for any user.


Folders & Subfolders

Organize your files for the entire project team. By creating folders and subfolders, you get to break up your files anyway you’d like. No more busy work searching through emails, share drives, and local hard drives to find what you need.

in-app notifications

Instant Notifications

When uploading new files, send email notifications to anyone on the project team. Since you’re in the drivers seat, you select who receives and doesn’t receive email notifications on new file activity.

task collaboration

File Collaboration

Keep your team in the loop with full collaboration and instant comments around each file. Document management should be much more then just sharing a file.


Move Files Around

Projecturf provides lots of flexibility when managing your files. You can easily move files around between projects and between folders and subfolders; instead of deleting and uploading new files as your projects evolve.


File Approvals

With Projecturf, there’s no more relying on email to get your files signed off on. Clients, staff, and managers just need to click the approval check mark and the file is marked as approved with a time and date stamp. It’s that simple. This is especially useful for designs, proposals, and comps.


Inline Viewer

Click on any image file to quickly view it inline without downloading the file. Then just add your comments right there. This is great for sharing mock-ups, screenshots, designs, or anything else you’re working on.


Integrate Dropbox or Google Drive

Share files from anywhere by syncing your account with Google Drive or Dropbox. There’s no need to store files in two places – just select the files you need with Projecturf’s seamless integrations. If you’d like to share a link to a file located elsewhere, just add the link and you’re all set!

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