Feature: Task management

Create new tasks and subtasks on the fly! Assign tasks and due dates and then fill in the important details later.


Tasks & Subtasks

Task management is an important part of any project. Using Projecturf for your project management application allows you to assign and track tasks across multiple projects and people in a simplified way. Getting information into your project management software should never be a complex or tedious process. The entire philosophy around Projecturf revolves around speed and simplicity. By just typing and hitting enter, you can enter tons of tasks into your online project management system in a snap!

gantt charts

Gantt Charts

View tasks and subtasks on the inline Gantt charts and make quick updates with drag and drop or using the info panel. Global Gantt charts are available across all projects with options to drill down to a single project.

assign task permissions

Custom Permissions

Control access permissions by marking subtasks and tasks private. Assign tasks multiple people or just one person. Simple permissions for all project managers.

drag and drop tasks

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop tasks in any order you’d like. Change tasks into subtasks or subtasks into tasks by simply dragging and dropping them. Projecturf offers a task management app with flexibility to work the way you prefer!

in-app notifications

In-app Notifications

When adding new tasks or activity such as task comments, your team will receive instant notifications both in Projecturf and via email. Drastically improve turnaround times and overall productivity for your business.

task collaboration

Task Collaboration

Simplify communication around tasks and subtasks with instant comments. Organize all communication in one place with a full history to refer back to.

task calendars


One-click inline calendar view to manage all tasks on a calendar. Mark tasks complete, drag to a different day, or quikcly update the task details.

task budgets

Task Budgets

Give each task and subtask it’s own budget estimate. Then track actuals to the budget at both the task and project level. Log billable time directly from the built-in timer against any tasks.

task status report


Built in task reports to quickly compare actuals to budgets for each task across all projects. Easily view the percent complete, total hours, and total cost spent on project tasks. New tasks status report to view how far along the tasks are on your projects.

keyboard shortcuts


Tons of shortcuts to make your life easier. The shortcut menu includes adding due dates, assigning tasks to specific people, marking tasks as high priority, and much more. Task management done the right way!

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